About Us

ARMA is the industry body for manufacturers using the rotational moulding process to produce plastic parts. Our members are located in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, Asia and the rest of the world. We focus on bringing the industry together to share information and expertise, helping clients find the right manufacturing partner to work with, promoting the benefits of the industry, authoring quality standards and training and fostering research and development.

ARMA is also a partner in several other organisations including Affiliation of Rotational Moulding Organisations, Rotomolding Academy and the Independent Water Council.


Our Initiatives

ARMA works to provide its members with real benefits that assist them in their business every day.  This can be through training, templates, codes, advice, referrals or even relationships both locally and internationally.  This includes our EVENTS and the below Working Groups!

If you are interested in being a part of ARMA you can find more information here




The Environment Group is working on making ir much easier to recycle large polymer products and on highlighting the incredible range of multiuse products that we already develop that protect our planet and its people. 

They have already implemented the ARMA Recycling Logo and are a partner of Operation Clean Sweep and are setting big goals around the use of recycled materials.




The Safety Sub-Committee forcuses on messages to rotational moulders around safe work practices, the benefits of the principles of lean manufacturing.  They have already released a range of safety posters for the factory floor and are currently updating guides such as the Machine Guarding Guide.



ARMA's Tank Committee recently finalised the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4766:2020, which covers tanks for above and below ground purposes. This includes above ground diesel storage tanks with fuel delivery systems and underground pre-treatment systems.



Our FARM handles the business of ARMA, working on benhalf of members and supporters to ensure sound financial management, appropriate risk assessement and mitigation of legal compliance.