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We are excited to share with you our full agenda of sessions delivered by industry leaders and
experts who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you.

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Philip has been involved with various aspects of the polymer industry for over twenty years. He is passionate about technology and enjoys the challenges of new discoveries and developing innovative solutions for improved and novel applications.



Matrix Polymers are experts in rotomoulding materials and one of the major suppliers of granules and coloured powders to rotomoulders in Australia and New Zealand. As well as coloured powder production plants in Brisbane and Palmerston North the company has operations in Asia and Europe and supplies material to rotomoulders globally. This presentation will be given by Martin Coles, founder, majority shareholder and Group CEO.



Blaise has been the Managing Director of GMI Zarhak Moulders Pvt. Ltd. based in India since 1994. Their products include the well-known storage tanks under the brand name “SHAKTI”, Pallets, Dustbins and custom moulded technical products. He has also been heavily involved in a range of Industrial Associations such as the President of the Goa Management Association and the Verna Industries Association. Blaise has received multiple awards such as the Lokmat Group Businessman of the Year 2017 and the Business Goa Businessman of the Year 2016. His personal interests include cycling and his involvement in the Rotary Club.


Rob Edwards, has a Bachelor of Science with majors in Anatomy & Physiology.

He has been a company director for 20 years in the health and well-being industry where he designed and delivered staff development programs for hundreds organizations.

Prior to that he worked for five years in a cardiac rehabilitation program where he wrote the internationally distributed book "Better Blood Pressure".

He has diverse experience working with people at all levels of business, cardiac patients, young offenders, elite athletes and remote island communities.

Rob founded Its Time Foundation that installs solar power in remote Pacific island schools so, those kids can have a modern education.  He also founded the Plastic Free Oceans platform.  Rob received and Order of Australia Medal for that this year.

Rob’s focus is simply to encourage people to take a brief time out in their busy lives to consider their most important asset - themselves.  And to get you thinking about sustainable actions that you can do so you have a long and high quality life. 

We can’t look after other people unless we look after ourselves first.  That’s why the session is called “It’s All About You.



Garth Galloway formed Galloway Holdings Ltd in 1975 and designed and developed Amusement Rides Internationally and Playground system from this time. In 1993 McDonald’s approached Garth to design a new playland system for to International market that would be high in play value, unique and 100% recyclable. The playgrounds were manufactured in Canada and New Zealand and installed in well over 60 countries. He Won the International Creative Development Award for McDonalds in 1993. Galloway Holdings Purchased Allied Plastics in 1997 to extend production for McDonald's and also designed and Developed Award Winning Mac Boats and exported to countries, UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, USA, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Garth became a Supplier to Shell Oil in support boats. In 2001 Disney approached Galloway International with the intention of manufacturing Rotational moulded boats for Splash Mountain in Disneyland California. Garth worked closely with Roy Crawford and presented a Paper to Disney on Rotational moulded boats with recommendations that a lower level or less challenging product be produced first. The Land Boat for Epcot was chosen, then continued on to Small World and the Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney’s Flagship ride) During the last number of years Garth Has worked very closely with Don Campbell from Matrix Computing and Auckland University in the development of a proprietary FEA program based on extensive accelerated physical long term testing with Auckland University specifically designed for the Amusement Park industry. In Partnership with Disney Imagineering a new ASTM Standard has been created for the use in the Amusement Industry. Garth was a former Director of ARM and is Past President of ARMA. A Member of the American Chamber of Commerce, Marine Export Group, Member of International Amusement Parks and Attractions. Galloway International has ISO9001, ISO14001 and ECO Smart Accreditations.



A country kid from Ingham, travelled a bit & came to work in the family Roto business in 1992 & have been loving the industry ever since.



Ian is a rotomoulding industry veteran, with over 35 years experience in the plastics industry. His background includes 15 years in colour compounding and grinding of powders and over 20 years in rotational moulding operations. Ian is an ARMA Icon of Roto moulding, and he has previously served as President of ARMA, and on the ARMO Executive board. He has presented to rotomoulding audiences around the world on the subjects of quality and tank design standards. Over the years he has written a number of technical articles for Rotoworld, the global industry magazine, as well as Roto Moulder, the ARMO on-line magazine, plus has presentations available at the online Roy Crawford Library. Ian has worked for both small and large manufacturing companies within Australia and New Zealand, and is currently working as an independent consultant to the global rotational moulding industry.



Aaron Lederhose has a Certificate 4 in Polymer Processing in both composite materials and thermoplastic fabrication.  He is currently the head Fabrication trainer at PARTEC plastics training centre, Brisbane.  Aaron has been in the plastics industry for 8 years and has been a Trainer at PARTEC since 2019. His speciality is in automation and computer-controlled equipment. Aaron has built several different computer-controlled machines including a CNC milling machine, CNC Laser cutter, Composites Filament Winder, and several 3d Printers. Through the years of building and upgrading/retrofitting machinery to become digital, Aaron has found several different methods and cost-effective solutions to improve quality control, increase productivity and machinery reliability.




Tim and fellow Director, Steve Kyval have been busily growing Melbourne Rotomould from a standing start into a Rotomoulder with a varied and interesting portfolio of products. Steve is the Financial and Systems Development Brains behind the enterprise complimented by Tim’s interest in pushing the boundaries and finding new opportunities. Tim has presented at ARMA Conferences numerous times before and is passionate about helping the industry grow.




Steve has worked in the plastics industry for 20 years and joined Vision Plastics as General Manager in August 2016. Prior to this he worked in Masterbatch as Head of Operations Australia/New Zealand for a multi-national company. Plastics is his second career as he worked in underground coal mining in NSW and QLD. He moved to New Zealand in 2002 for the lifestyle that NZ offered. Steve choses to work in the rotational moulding industry over other plastics processes as the companies involved are very innovative and often locally owned. He believes the process is interesting and provides opportunities for improvement and development.



Larissa Lloyd-Ward is a member of the management team of Global Roto-Moulding and has 15 years’ experience in the roto moulding industry. In that time she has learnt about the intricacies of the industry from moulding to administration, reception - including accounts, marketing and logistics, and she is currently the CFO at Global and manages the QLD site. Larissa has a Master’s in Business Administration with a Major in Leadership, a Bachelor of Health and a Certificate 4 in Roto moulding. Her experience and subsequent studies have provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the roto moulding industry and instilled a passion to see the entire industry develop and grow.



Stuart Mackenzie first entered the plastics industry in 1984 and was successful in developing the supply of ancillary equipment to the plastics injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion industries. In 1997 he expanded into the rotomoulding industry supplying rotational moulding machines into the industry. Stuart has represented STP Rotomachinery since 2007 whilst a partner of another business. In 2016 he formed Plastimac, continuing on and growing the market with STP Rotomachinery and Orenda Pulverizers.



Tony has been heavily involved in the Plastics Industry since graduating as a Chemist from Victoria University in 1989. Having worked at Qenos and its predecessor companies for a period of just over 16 years and at Vanglobe/Matrix for approximately 8 years, Tony has spent considerable time in a variety of roles from Plastics Laboratories to Petrochemical Manufacturing plants, and everything in between, as well as on the shop floor of many of the moulders in the Aus/NZ Roto Industry. Tony joined Chem-Trend Australia in early 2013 as a Business Development Manager for Composites and Thermoplastics. Specialising in surface chemistry for many and varied moulding processes, Chem-Trend have a large Global Presence with an amazing level of expertise and history making his current role a fantastic environment in which to learn, and in turn pass on some of this new, and prior knowledge where and when needed.



President of Wittmann Battenfeld Canada. Joined a small Canadian company manufacturing vacuum loading equipment in April of 1986. Worked my way up through the company in Manufacturing, Service, Engineering, System Design, Sales, JR Management, and eventually SR Management. Became part of the global Wittmann Group in August of 1999. 36 year career designing, developing, selling, engineering, and building simple, and complex resin conveying systems within all aspects of the Plastics Industry. Developer of the ROTOLOAD Resin dispenser specifically designed to convey, store, and accurately dispense roto powder directly into the molding process.




Helen Millicer was one of the first in Australia to explore and work on Australia’s transition to a more circular economy. Helen is well placed for this perspective given her decades working nationally in all sustainability disciplines of energy, carbon, water, organics and materials, industry and manufacturing.



Bill Spenceley, (BASc/BSc Chemistry/Chemical Engineering), is president and owner of Flexahopper Plastics Ltd., headquartered in Western Canada and has over 43 years involvement in the Rotational Moulding Industry. Bill is a past president of the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) and Past Chair of the Affiliation of Rotational Moulders Organizations (ARMO). Bill has travelled extensively, toured many plants, and worked with numerous rotomolders to promote innovation, sustainability, and sharing best practices with the industry. Bill became a Rotomolding Hall of Fame recipient in 2018.



Heidi Tait is the Australian coordinator for the international Operation Clean Sweep program. In 2015, Heidi secured funding through a Victorian Government grant to develop an Australian version of the program which was originally created in 1992 by the American plastics industry. Since then, Heidi has worked with the plastics and logistics sectors, government agencies and NGO sector to build Operation Clean Sweep into an industry norm in Australia. Heidi has held a Board position with Tangaroa Blue Foundation for over a decade, and was named one of the “18 Most Influential Women in Ocean Conservation” in 2018 by Ocean Geographic.

Welcome Drinks hosted by the ARMA Board

The ARMA Board & Staff are delighted to welcome you back to our Rotomould Conferences and are looking forward to this opportunity to catch up on the last few years, over a drink or two.

Price Plastics Welcome Dinner

Lizzies Lane will play host to this dinner, a fun new venue located in a secret laneway. It will be a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy dinner and drinks from food stalls in an outside space. Is you are inclined there are also fun games such as quoits, and a giant Jenga tower.

Qenos Alkatuff Conference Dinner

With a sumptuous 3 course dinner along with superb wines, this semi formal dinner will be a sit-down affair with a view. There will be awards and entertainment and Qenos look forward to welcoming you.

Matrix Polymers Coffee Lounge

Chill out with Matrix Polymers in the coffee lounge where you can enjoy a barista made coffee. Make sure you bring along your gifted KeepCup to assist our efforts to reduce waste.


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