ARMA Student Design Award 2024


Nominations close 30 May 2024

Download the Student Design Awards Information and Nomination Form 2024 for rules, evaluation criteria and entry form. 


2024 THEME – Environment & Sustainability

The theme of environment and sustainability offers a broad canvas for interpretation in our student design competition.

Entrants are invited to explore innovative ideas, including the re-imagining of current products to foster environmental benefits or the conceptualisation of entirely new, sustainable designs. These innovations may span various fields, such as outdoor living, agriculture, rainwater harvesting, or waste reduction, yet participants are not confined to these specific product categories.

Rotomoulding's durability and recyclability make it an ideal process for fostering sustainable solutions.

We urge students to think creatively, considering how their designs can contribute to a more sustainable future by embracing concepts like repurposing and reusability for extended product lifecycles.


Prize allocation


There is a total cash prize pool of AUD$5000.00 allocated for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Evaluation will be made by a selection of ARMA members chosen by the ARMA CEO at the annual Rotomould24 Conference & Trade Exhibition.



A large range of products is already in manufacture using the rotational moulding process. Click here to view the huge range of different products made by this process!


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